My Company recently was bought out and they laid off over 137 in my division alone. I purchased your amazing eBook and found the 3 STEP methodologies very effective in finding a job in a month. The direct step by step process gave my search the focus I needed to direct my search efforts properly to stop wasting my time with ineffective job search time killers. Thanks for your help.

Barb M. – Baltimore, MD



While still working, using your eBook effectively, my job search was running behind the scenes delivering to me the fresh job postings daily.

Tom – Grays Lake, IL


Many of my terminated co-workers are still searching for work months after starting to look for a new job. I was able to get hired in less than 12 days by a great company nearby. This book saved my marriage by allowing me to not have to relocate to a distant city for work as others finally were forced to do. The results you produced were fantastic.

Marty D. Cincinnati, OH


When I was unexpectedly forced to locate a new job, even 5 months later, I had no contacts, interviews or offers by hiring companies. My search benefited tremendously by using the proven steps provided in your materials. Once I purchased your eBook and applied the simple concepts and examples, my success rate turned around, including having several Interviews the NEXT week. My new job is a better one than where I was previously employed and the pay is even higher too. Love the results I enjoyed immediately.

Mary – Dallas, TX


I was quite impressed with your eBook and the simple steps I used to make my job search most effective. By not having to read and try to understand large amounts of wordy, confusing texts, as typically occurs with other books, as I was able to spend more time actually looking for jobs. Your eBook gave me fast access to the important information directly using the HOT Links provided. Thanks for an easy to use format. It was not even necessary to print anything out.

Gwen – Atlanta suburb, GA


Being 58 years young, it was the fear of the unknown which faced me for my impending jobsearch. The eBook updated my out-of-date search methods and turned my search into an easier one than I anticipated by using my computer instead of the postal system. I experienced direct access to a larger selection of job options which resulted in my picking a better company faster than ever before and reducing my anxiety and job search frustration I have always experienced previously. My having multiple offers from which to choose raised my self esteem quickly. Thanks definitely to making my efforts focused and successful in less time than previously.

Jake – New Medford, CT

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As a result of the difficult recession and increased number of layoffs,


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