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Just Released – Highest Job Growth Numbers in 14 Years

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 126,000 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in professional and business services, health care and retail trade….”

 So how come you’re still looking?

You may be wondering how/why/when all of the ‘doom and gloom’ about job statistics and new employment rates suddenly turned to the sweet smell of roses.

Practically overnight we seem to have gone from a barren job market to the highest level of new jobs in 14 years.

So how is it that you’re still waiting for the right job to come along? – A local job, a high-salaried position – the job you were promised way back in College….

The problem is – you’re looking in the wrong places.

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Hidden Jobs - The Real Growth Metric

Hidden Jobs – The Real Growth Metric

There is more activity in the job markets right now than during any other period in the past two decades.

We’re not talking here about the modest new job creation statistics that we hear about on the nightly news, we’re talking about a hiring frenzy where 100’s of 1000’s of top paying jobs are up for grabs.

  • Productivity is on the increase
  • Money is flowing in the economy
  • Salaries are soaring
  • Companies are hiring

But where does that leave you? – Quite simply, employers are trying to take advantage of the soaring economy by raising the profile of an outdated workforce. Companies across the nation are trying to recruit new blood for existing positions and replace outdated skillsets with fresh ideas and new talent.

We call this activity the ‘Hidden Job Market’ as it operates covertly. Corporate Recruiters and Hiring Agencies are tasked with making seamless changes to the labor pool without the risk of impacting productivity. Yes, your own job/position may be on the desk of a recruiter right now, without you knowing it.

You won’t see these jobs advertised in the local press as technically they are already filled.

You won’t see the hidden job numbers talked about on the nightly news, either, as the nation is preoccupied only with NEW jobs being added to the economy.

Government job-growth data is an outdated measure of progress and obscures the real growth indicator –

Activity in the Hidden Job Market.

Take A Look At These Statistics

They represent the Hidden Job Market - the percentage of new job opportunites which are not reflected in Government job data -



Senior Management / CEO


Sales & Marketing Jobs


Professional - Degree Qual.


Support - Adminstration

The key to any effective job search today is finding the jobs in the Hidden Job Market.

At ‘Much Better Jobs’, we can provide you with the information needed to access the hidden job market and place thousands of unadvertised jobs directly at your fingertips.

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